Royal Walk

Crowning your experience

Any king or queen worth their crown must embark on a journey of instruction before celebrating their triumph. This isn't all that different… but sometimes we cheat a little. Want to know how?

We think the path to the Männlichen summit is a triumphal procession in itself. Rewarding you with phenomenal views of the iconic Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peak trio, the Royal Walk leads from the top station to the Männlichen summit. From the royal gate to the summit realm. Between them lies a short and easy ascent packed with attractions for visitors of all ages. You don't just want to hike like royalty, but also ride up to Männlichen like royalty? We have that covered too!

May – October
2 km (1 km each)
15 min (Gipfel – Männlichen)
25 min (Männlichen – Peak)
Männlichen Mountain Guest House